Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sexy Hot Israeli Women - Bar Paly

Sexy Hot Israeli Woman - Bar Poly

Sexy Hot Australian Woman - Bar Paly

Bar Paly (aka Barbara Poly) is an amazingly sexy actress from Tel Aviv that has made her mark on American TV and film. You may have seen her in the role of Lola in the mini-series “The Starter Wife” or as Nadia in “Filthy Gorgeous”. I wanted to start off with Bar because there may be some stereotypes about Israeli women that I wanted to do away with from the start.

Remember that Israeli women are Mediterranean and extremely exotic and beautiful. Their olive skin and long flowing hair puts them next to goddesses. Bar is definitely no exception to the rule. She is exotic, slender, and quite striking.
In this photo, she is oozing sex appeal with a nightgown that barely covers anything. Yes, it does show that she has small breasts, but her wavy hair and piercing eyes definitely make up for that. It’s as if her eyes are saying that she wants to devour you right here, right now.

In the next few posts, I will showcase women actually from Israel and tell their stories. I will then move on to other hot Jewish women, most likely from the US.
As you will see, there is a big difference among the different Jews of the different regions. Those from California are much different than, say, those from New York City. They are all hot, hot, hot, though. You will most definitely not be disappointed.

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